Analog Mastering

Current delivery time estimate: 3 business days

$29.00 CAD per track

Order 4 or more tracks and receive a 10% discount. Order 10 or more tracks and receive a 12% discount. Digital includes 2 revisions.

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For podcasts & mixes, please note that extra fees might be added if the audio needs to be repaired.



*Note – digital mastering includes 2 revisions; should you need more revisions for your track, you can purchase more later via our À la carte items.

Is it worth mastering one song?

Yes. If you’re a new client, you might want to see if what I do suits you. Mastering one song is totally affordable and will reveal a few things:

  • Flaws of your mixing. Perhaps your low end isn’t mixed properly?
  • How an entire project will sound.
  • My mastering style.

On my site, there are a few explanations of what mastering is and why you should do it. I’m not just an engineer, I’m also an artist with years of experience and a successful label that has been running since 2004. I not only understand what to correct, but my years of experience as a DJ have taught me to adjust levels so that it sounds right for clubs, your home sound system, your car rides, or for the average person listening on their laptop speakers.

Some things to know:

  • The more we work together, the more I know what you want.
  • I’m always keeping up to date with latest trends.
  • I work fast.

How mastering is useful?

  • To play in a club or share to resident DJs. They will get a track that fits the market’s standards and have a track that sounds great on a big sound system.
  • Submitting to a label as a demo. You sound pro and serious. First impressions are crucial.
  • I shape your sound style. You like how a certain artist sounds like, then I can rework your music in that direction. But for better results, consider a mixdown.

Your album is a story

The art of mastering an album begins with an understanding of the story behind it. It’s time-demanding, but it pays off in spades. If you spent a lot of time crafting what will become a milestone in your musical career, you need to take the time to entrust it to someone who will keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • That each song should have a different feeling.
  • That the volume of all songs should match, but with subtle differences.
  • That the track order will influence how each song is treated.

There are some albums that will begin with an ambient piece, then something more punchy, and usually have the third or fourth song as the main hit, which will call for more presence. These are the kinds of things I’ll keep in mind to make sure your album delivers a proper listening experience for anyone.

A well done mastering for your album will:

  • Give each track its own individuality.
  • Ensure better transitions.
  • Consider that people buy tracks individually, so as to make them still sound great.

How to prepare your track(s) to send:

  • 24 bits or higher, 44.1 kHz, Stereo.
  • -6 dB of headroom with no compression on the master.
  • Please zip your files to avoid corruption over the transfer.
  • Please provide a reference of what you want in the notes: either an artist, label, sound description or a song name.

What is Stem Mastering?

A hybrid from mixdown, Stem Mastering involves 3 or 4 channels, based on Native Instruments’ new Traktor features. It gives me a bit more control over your mix and better results. If you book this service, make sure all your stems are in 24 bits, 44.1 kHz and aren’t compressed.

In the Notes, please let me know if you need the stems back for your DJ acts.

Podcast Mastering

Please note that all podcast mastering is digital. Analog podcast mastering is not available.


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