Quad Chaos

$10.00 CAD per file

A max patch featuring four loopers; manipulate your sounds in chaotic ways that never leave your samples sounding the same.



Introducing Quad Chaos

Take a simple idea, and infuse it with a plethora of possibilities. Read a detailed tutorial about how to use this plugin in this blog post.

Quad Chaos is fundamentally inspired by the balance between simplicity and complexity. Four loopers are at your disposal to manipulate your sounds in chaotic ways that never leave your samples sounding the same. Generate creative and unique textures through the manipulation of sounds with inspiring modulation techniques.

Modulation is key

Control your sound with your own modulation source.

A great source of power in Quad Chaos is found in its four modulation sources. Each mod source allows users to chose from self-triggering ADSRs, custom-drawn envelopes, traditional geometric waveform LFOs and noise sources to control a variety of parameters in the looping and sound effects engine.

All of these modulation sources are easily assignable, allowing users to switch between manual controls and different modulation sources through the press of a mouse.

Using effects

Use the built in effects to give a unique spice to your loops.

Quad Chaos also brings three effects to the table: aggression, anxiety, and reverb. These three effects are controllable by mod sources, giving you an extra layer of possibilities of what you can achieve with your sounds.

You can couple the mix of your effects with the panning of a sample. You can mix your reverb using an LFO. You can evolve the timbre of your sound in time.

Giving control to chaos

An important part of Quad Chaos lies in how it embraces chaos. By clicking on the random button, all of your parameters will be instantly randomized. This way, you can find totally new sounds born through the combination of new parameter and modulation configurations.

Automation is here as well

Despite welcoming chaos, we found it important to be able to harness it. Automation lets the user control the parameters of Quad Chaos through the powerful automation interface found in Ableton Live.

Mixing it all together

Quad Chaos features a fully automatable mixer that allows the user to mix the different loops independently through their own channel. It also features a master gain control, giving more dynamic independence to the device.


  • Four independent loopers with fully controllable and modulatable speed, pan and volume controls
  • Playback directions include forward, backward, and palindrome
  • Flexible and modulatable EQ available per each loop
  • Three main types of modulation sources: geometric waveforms, self-looping ADSRs, and manual shape designer
  • Four mod sources that can be assigned to a variety of parameters
  • Three master effects
  • 4 channel mixer with a master fader
  • Randomize buttons that generate unpredictable combinations of parameters

Additional Screenshots

Programmed by Armando Gonzalez Sosto


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