Single Track Mixdown & Mastering Bundle

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(6 customer reviews)

“PHEEK mixed and mastered my song and I love the final result, added the missing emotion my track was missing! Good job and thanks again!...” Read more

- David Zach

$90.00 CAD per bundle

Order 4 and get a discount of 10%. Digital mixdown and mastering of a single track. Upgrade to analog available.

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Analog upgrades, project exports, consultations.


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This bundle is a digital mixdown and digital master by default. If you’d like to upgrade to analog for either mixdown or mastering, select one of the add-on combinations.

This mixdown and mastering bundle includes the mixdown and mastering of one track, for a digital or CD release. This technique involves the use of analog compression and EQ, then other software and plugins.

Add-on a “consultation” and Pheek will help advise you to fix up your track before the final mixdown and mastering processes to obtain the best result.

6 reviews for Single Track Mixdown & Mastering Bundle

  1. Christophe Forte

    Great guy and good service. He knows how to listen and try to understand where you want to go, then gets the job done for a fair price.

  2. Blue Man (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the mixdown and mastering of my EDM track! great service! I will have the mixdown and mastering done there in the future! The price is great too :-)) Thanks for all!

  3. Ashley (verified owner)

    Unbelievable service from start to finish. Had 3 tracks mixed down/mastered by Pheek so far now and he genuinely goes the extra mile to help you get the outcome you want.

    The turnaround time is extremely quick as well, but without any compromise on the quality of the job. I’ve found Pheek to be extremely patient when I have forgotten to send a certain file or include parts of tracks, and he is always willing to work towards your ideas even if you cant always explain in words what sound you’re after.

    I’d highly reccomend using his services, not just because of the quality you receive, but because he genuinely wants to help people grow in their music and there aren’t many out there with these skills willing to do that.

    Look forward to doing lots more in 2020.

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    Awesome service and perfect results. Had 2 tracks mixed and mastered. Pheek was very patient with me throughout the process and works very quick with awesome results. He is a very talented engineer. Give it a try… you won’t regret it! Thanks

  5. Harvard Bass

    PHEEK Mixed and mastered my album (Synthesized Homie) It was my first time working with him and was honestly not sure what to expect. long story short, He made miracles! I now have him doing all the mastering for my label releases and so forth. His mixes mastering come out really good! Don’t sleep on him!

  6. David Zach (verified owner)

    PHEEK mixed and mastered my song and I love the final result, added the missing emotion my track was missing! Good job and thanks again!

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