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- Stoleriu Aurelian

$150.00 CAD per track

Base price starting at $100 – submit your track to get a quote



Starting December 2021, please note that this service is only available to recurrent clients only. Contact me for details.

Track finalization is your chance to work with me to tidy up your arrangements and add the last touches. It is not a full re haul of your song, but more of a let me see what’s the last touch missing. In the past, I’ve worked with many artists, and with coaching, this service is the perfect turn around to not only get your song upgraded, but also a chance to learn. This will provide you a solid model you can use again and again for your future songs. There’s also multiple ways to use this services. You could come to me when you have a loop and need a bit of help to start. I can help clean and adjust levels or provide an insight on what’s missing. Then you work on your song until it’s nearly done and I can take over once there.


This package includes:

  • Full song analysis by Pheek. I will provide suggestions and ideas into up to 3 draft ideas.
  • Working with either an Ableton Project or Stems. Free membership to Splice encouraged or Loopcloud.
  • Your project needs to have a backbone. I do not make a song out of a loop.
  • I’ll take over where you left off to bring it up to a finished, high-quality product.
  • I do not create or add melodies as this is your part of the job.
  • You keep full ownership of your song.
  • Production time ia between 5 to 30 business days depending on the complexity.
  • You are in full control and can accept or refuse changes, for a maximum of 4 revisions.
  • Mixdown included.
  • No refunds.
  • *Pricing Note – while the base price is $100, the final price may be more, depending on how much work is involved in your track.
  • *Project Export Note – exports do not include plugins! The export file you receive will likely have missing plugins. Pheek’s exports provide insight into the tools he uses and how he organizes a project.

Time to put the finishing touches on all of your unfinished songs.

Maybe you’re here because this rings a bell: you get bored of the song you’re making. You have 100 unfinished songs in your hard drive. You always have new ideas but can’t finish them. I also wrote a couple of blog posts about this that you might want to check out. You just want to say “Finish my song!” but, to whom? So you have this song that you’re struggling to finish. It’s either almost done and needs some polishing, or it’s half-way there, but you’re stuck. One of my specialties is listening to artists’ creative vision, and then using their direction to help them bring their projects to fruition. With almost 20 completed albums under my belt, I’m ready and eager to put my experience to work for you.

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16 reviews for Track Finalization

  1. debbie doe

    the sound is amazing and clear, the song progression is just like i envisioned it , i couldnt be happier !!

  2. Stoleriu Aurelian

    inspiring and proper

  3. Dominic

    Pheek work fast , professionally and understand want you want right away. SONG FINALIZING AND ARRANGEMENTS is really worth it. I recommend to anyone!

  4. Les Michael

    I came to Pheek with a track that was mostly done but needed a polished finishing touch. After some back and forth discussion on what I was looking forth, he really brought the track to life. A track that I was pretty happy about I was now really excited about!

    Shortly after receiving the completed mix down, the track was signed by a label and will be released as a single with remixes in a couple of months. I am completely satisfied with the final product! Thank you!

  5. Sebas

    It was a great final product, the arrangement and mastering was spot on, everything sounded much better than what i sent him, this guy is a master. I highly recomend him, and will be working with him im my future tracks. I am very happy with the final product, Thank you!

  6. Oana Leca (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, great services and good collaboration!

  7. Julia Ogun (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with the final product! Pheek made my song sound exactly as I wanted it to sound. Definitely coming back for more!

  8. Rob (verified owner)

    I just received my track, exactly what I was looking for. pheek works fast and fits perfectly to what you want. the master sounds incredible !!! we will continue working together definitely!!!

  9. Christopher Zalapa

    At first I was really hesitant to move forward with Pheek’s Track Finalization. The main reason was that I was self conscious about presenting my music to someone. Especially if that person has a ton of experience and has release and produced countless tracks.

    But one day I contacted him and sent him a track. He quickly replied and gave me feedback on it and arranged a plan for us.

    The entire process was around two weeks or so. I was able to communicate with in a way that felt natural and organic. He understood exactly what I wanted the track to become.

    Aside from him working on your song, the consultation session was probably one of the best parts of his service. I was able to talk to him about my music goals and future projects. He gave me a ton of advice and motivation to pursue my musical goals.

    I highly recommend Track Finalization to anyone that is ready to take their music to the next level.

  10. Jamie (verified owner)

    Just like to say what a great experience it is from start to finish to work with pheek and get his insight and thoughts into your own productions.

    I was a bit hesitant at first as I wasn’t sure the reaction I may have received from someone who is a professional and has released many tracks.

    However we spoke about what I wanted from the track and he also gave his opinion where he feels the track could go. We then came to an agreement and after a couple of back and forth versions, I was extremely pleased with the finished outcome!

    I would highly recommend this if you are slightly unsure about how your track flows and the structure of it. It’s well worth it and for a very reasonable price indeed 🙂

  11. Bazait (verified owner)

    Pheek does an amazing work,proffesional and fast.He easy knows what you want and need, and is always very careful,helpful and takes care of every detail so that your music sounds perfect!

  12. Oguz (verified owner)

    I’ve received the track how I imagined. Pheek did a great job helping me with writers block, mixing, mastering and adding extra instruments. I highly recommend him to all even though if you are an intermediate or advanced producer.

  13. Behjet Abdulla (verified owner)

    Great service. Will keep original character of your work, or transform to something beyond anticipation .. or indeed reach the sweet spot in the middle.
    JP will guide and advise to the point of satisfaction and share knowledge on how to improve future projects. Highly recommended for that professional feel and finish.

  14. Liam (verified owner)

    It has been a very great experience! I value his labor of love, his effort, passion, treatment, professionalism and all work in general! Recommended 100%!

    Your music will sound incredible and JP will transform it into a quality professional final product without losing the personality of your creation.

  15. Colta Felix (verified owner)

    I’ve been working with Pheek for quite some time and I must say he is a professional and does an amazing job in a relative short period of time. He will advise you and communicate with you through the process of creation and can transform your track in something very pleasurable. Highly recommend Pheek!

  16. kevin ohanlon (verified owner)

    Amazing experience and a great service. It puts your music on another level. Its a mind fresh encounter to chat with someone like Pheek. He is very passionate about the whole process.

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