The Plusculaar Pack

$30.00 CAD per pack

A collection of percussion samples including claps, cymbals, hi-hats, loops, rides, shakers, snares, and other percussion sounds.


We have invited the romanian artist Plusculaar to curate a selection of samples for us. His numerous packs available on his site have been used in many great quality songs and we thought it was time to have some available for our community. Mostly made with modular synth content, this pack has been manipulated to fill your music with both precision and texture. Plusculaar has been known for his Romanian techno sample packs he makes and is also one person that people refer to as for when they want a good starting point for making slow burners or breakbeats. His series “Sound like Plusculaar” has been a reference for many who didn’t know how to start making music like Romanians do. For people who are not familiar with that genre, it is more of a minimalistic techno or minimal house with organic touches. In the underground circles of producers from Bucharest, guys have been sharing packs of sounds ranging from lofi, modular synthetic percussion mixed with acoustic ones. All flavoured with lush reverbs.

This pack contains:

Atmos & Textures


Clap & Snare


Full Beats




Modular Grooves




Synth & Music


This sample pack is ideal for techno, tech house, minimal, lofi hip hop and dancefloor related music.




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