Track Feedback

$9.00 CAD per 15 minutes

Professional mixing and arranging advice for your track(s), provided by Pheek online via video call.

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Need another set of ears on your mixes and tracks? Pheek offers professional feedback on your work, including advice on the following topics:

  • Mixing
  • Sound design
  • Arrangements
  • Artistic direction
  • Potential for DJs, labels.
  • Ideas for label to submit

Pheek brings his professional experience and years of working with sound to your work; helping you bring your productions and recordings out of the realm of “amateur” and into the awe-inspiring world of “professional”.


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I had almost given up on the ideal of my tracks being both fat and clean in production. Pheek He was fast and easy to communicate with. His expertise and skill is entirely present throughout my newly produced tracks.
Liam Grist