Winter 2018 Producer Techno Sample Pack

$50.00 CAD per pack

A variety of techno samples and one-shots including synths, pads, drums, textures, and more.


About this sample pack

These samples can be considered to fall into the genres of Techno, Minimal, Romanian Techno, Experimental, Ambient.

After years of working with clients I’ve noticed something almost everyone has a problem with: getting sounds they love as a starting point for their music. There are a lot of sample packs online, but will they fit your needs and tastes?

After releasing a very successful sample pack of kicks, I knew we had to create a follow-up pack with sounds that I’ve collected and shaped during winter, 2018. I was very fortunate to team up with 3 talented sound designers that contributed with their own creations to this techno sample pack.

What does this sample pack include?

This sample pack is fully equipped for you to make multiple songs; it includes:

  • Abstract loops
  • Background textures
  • Bass Hits
  • Bass Loops
  • Drums Hits
  • Effects
  • Kick Loops
  • Percussion Loops (hihats, claps, snares, etc)
  • Synth Hits
  • Synth Loops
  • BPM 120-128

Over 600mb of sounds, loops and one shots.

What is this sample pack good for?

This pack is ideal for making dance-floor music, we had sound design in mind and filled this pack up with lush and experimental textures. Th sounds here are–in general–pretty raw, so you can customize your own designs by layering them.

Racine (CA)
Ju le Franc (FR/CA)
Echo6 (FR/CA)


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