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My name is Jean-Patrice Rémillard, but most people know me as Pheek, my stage name for minimal techno that I have been using since 1997. I’ve been doing mastering since 2004, mainly for my own label (Archipel, 120 releases and counting) but also for many other labels. Check out my discography and, for reference, you can listen to the whole Archipel catalogue on Beatport.

I use a whole bunch of VST plugins and some hardware for my work. I’ve specialized in electronic music mastering, but I have also worked on hip hop, rock, acid jazz and pop.

I originally started out only offering a mastering service, but I soon found that I was helping my clients in a lot of other areas too.


You’ve been working on a song and can’t really finish it? You’re stuck trying to make your music sound like the work of people you admire? You feel you need someone to look into what you’re doing and bring their magical touch to take it to the next level? If this sounds familiar, there’s no shame or harm in asking for help, especially from someone who will understand you and your projects. I can finish a song that is halfway done or almost finished and make it sound ready for prime time.


I’ve been teaching music production with Ableton for over 10 years, and I’ve mentored artists on my Archipel imprint since Day One. If you haven’t heard of my label, it has established itself as one of the flagship of Canada’s premier techno labels and, throughout the years, I’ve gathered enough contacts and experience to be very helpful in reaching your goals.


This is not simply a technique to make your work shine, it also involves intuition, artistic knowledge, being aware of trends and general understanding of what the artist wants. You may know what you’re doing but a second pair of ears will always pinpoint flaws and strengths. After running labels since 2002 and dealing with over 200 artists, while myself, releasing 20 albums, I’m really qualified to work with you in shaping your sound into what you want it to be.



I’ve assembled a selection of some of the recent projects I have worked on. A variety of requirements and a mix of genres.

In Mastering
Sorin Milea “Mai Vadem Noi”
In Mastering / Mixdown
Bmind “Lotus In The Bog” LP (Archipel)
In Mastering
David Gtronic and Chad Andrew: Simulations EP
In Mastering
Shcaa: Camera Obscura EP
In Mastering
Stefan Dichev: Rumors EP
In Mastering / Mixdown
EEBB: Spiruline EP
Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 15.27.46
In Mastering
Mr. Deka & Alessio Viggiano: Theatrum Orbis EP
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.12.08
In Mastering
V/A: Grand Salon

Sound Good? Want to sound better!? Great news… let’s create something amazing!