Artist Mentoring

Interested in working with me long-term? I can take you on via mentoring.

Mentoring is when I work with over longer period of time who are seeking to improve—they see drastic changes in their workflow and it produces results. Read some feedback from some of the people I’ve mentored who have something to say about their experience(s) below.

Louis Luminescu


“Pheek helped me in so many ways: from sound design, to mixing, to mastering. Long talks with him helped me define my artistic identity, define my goals, and better understand the music industry. I managed to sign releases with labels that I was interest in, my workflow is getting better everyday, and he inspired me to create my first live set. Now, I like to listen/play my own tracks live which was not necessary the case before. In the end, I learned more with him in one year than in my entire musical career, and I encourage everyone struggling with their own sound to get in touch with him.”


Kike Mayor


“Pheek has helped me develop a new vision with music, a brand new perspective focusing on my personal goals…I haven’t ever felt more inspired than when I work with him.”


Jos Lok


“Pheek helped me grow as a producer from beginner to advanced.”




“Working with Pheek has been a big game changer for me. Not only has he helped me improve my sound and all the technical aspects of my productions, but he’s also been great at guiding me through my artistic direction, which is almost even more important. I would strongly recommend Pheek’s help and knowledge to any producer out there who feels he or she would like to reach the next level.”


Debbie Doe


“His creative energy is contagious. I felt confidence and learned lots from him which helped me express my creativity, shape my sound, and grow as an artist.”


Ulf Bonde


“Pheek’s sessions have been a great learning experience. Pheek has wide experience both technically and artistically. He has clear ideas on how sounds suggest certain mixing and vice versa. This past year Ive been able adapt my mixing to what I like and not the other way around. I would recommend anyone to take the time and work with Pheek, and do it slowly, since there’s so much to take in.”




“Jean-Patrice and I have talked a lot about the creative process, but also about creating strong productions. We worked together to focus my practice and get more specific about my intentions. His experience shines when we’ve reviewed my compositions and mix downs. He offered concrete examples on what elements to expose and which are the most important aspects to focus on.”


Christopher Zalapa

United States of America

“For quite some time, I was struggling with my music. It was hard for me to finish a song until I met Pheek. Not only did he help me with finishing tracks and getting them to sound professional, but he also gave me the inspiration and motivation to keep pursuing music production. His level of commitment with my music has shaped me to be a better artist. I highly recommend Pheek for your future projects!”