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Escape your environment and immerse yourself in a creative space in the company of other artists.

Over the past 7 years, we have organized 2 retreats before the pandemic prevented us from continuing. For the participants, these were precious moments in their development as musicians.

The idea of a retreat is to escape our usual environment and immerse ourselves in a place of creation in the company of other artists. Surrounded by the participants and JP Remillard, you’ll be able to benefit from rapid feedback, advice on problems and lightning courses on selected subjects, as well as taking advantage of the location to recharge your batteries in the forest.

The retreat will take place in Shefford, in JP’s studio home. Participants arrive on Friday, and can stay until Sunday. On-site accommodation is available, or there are beds and breakfasts with whom we will work in tandem. The theme (optional) will focus on maximizing our creative resources.


“I had an unforgettable weekend at Pheek’s retreat. I learned a lot of things, met wonderful people from different backgrounds and who share the same passion as me, music. Pheek welcomed us with love and kindness in an amazing landscape, always listening if we got stuck. I recommend it to anyone wishing to develop their skills while leaving their comfort zone.”

”Pheek’s October music retreat was more than just an artistic gathering. It was an opportunity for self-exploration, technical skill development and mutual support, all in a safe and respectful environment. A rare opportunity to share our passion for art with like-minded souls, fostering our common musical growth. Friendships and lasting memories have emerged from these precious encounters. I look forward to the next iteration!”

“C’est bien plus qu’une retraite, c’est une expérience de ressourcement pour l’âme et sa créativité musicale, une occasion d’apprendre et de partager ! “

It was a pleasure to be creating and connecting with like minded artists with similar goals and struggles as mine. Pheek’s retreat is a unique opportunity to meet other artists and get constructive feedback on your music. Thank you so much for the experience!

A flexible, kind and attentive host. A calm, picturesque and inspiring studio in a forest. Just perfect!

Had a great couple days sharing music and ideas with like-minded artists. Pheek is an amazing host and gives the participants the attention they need to break through their barriers. Very inspiring and highly recommended!

JP apporte toute son expérience, sa passion et sa gentillesse pour animer une retraite inspirante et énergisante qui m’a redonné confiance et m’a permis de clarifier mes intentions et mes prochaines étapes. J’y ai également pu faire de très belles rencontres avec d’autres producteurs talentueux. Je recommande fortement et compte bien venir aux prochaines retraites.

Les deux retraites précédentes chez Pheek ont été un vrai catalyseur pour ma production musicale. Tant au niveau des ateliers animés par JP, des réflexions, que par les échanges avec les autres musiciens. Notamment grâce à l’atelier sur la prestation en live, cela a révolutionné mon flux de travail et ma vision de la création. Le cadre est également extraordinaire, les moments autour des délicieux repas sont très précieux, et le sauna finlandais est définitivement un plus pour la relaxation.

Je recommande chaudement à tout artiste qui souhaite renouer avec la création ou simplement passer une fin de semaine entre passionnés.


– Access to home, studio and creative spaces.

– Workshops, help and feedback.

– Backyard and facilities.


– Sleeping: camping, room rental or bed & breakfast available.

– Food

These are extras to be arranged before your arrival.

Who is this experience for?

For musicians of all levels. There will be no constant accompaniment, so if beginners sign up, don’t expect detailed training, but the presence of other musicians may be helpful.

As this is an artistic retreat, it’s also open to non-musicians who want to get inspired and see how musicians work.

I recommend that everyone contact me first to explain your needs and wishes, should there be any reservations on your part. I look forward to hearing from you.


How does retirement work?

On arrival and shortly afterwards, there will be an opening circle for everyone to get to know each other, share needs and challenges, and then get to know the other participants. From the very first evening, participants will be able to define their personal workstations, decide whether to form collaborations or anything else.

Everyone is free to use their time as they wish.

There will be 4 open activities for those who wish to participate. We’ll be talking about mixes, sound design, plug-in use and more. There will be a “roast” which will be used to deal with our frustrations vs. music.

Last retreat

13-15 October

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