Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering Services

Since every contract is paid in advance prior to work being completed, it’s important that you brief yourself on certain terms and conditions that are important to purchasing work or services from Pheek’s Mixdown and Mastering.


JP (Pheek) will communicate with you as fast as possible, and will do his best to deliver a product that matches your expectations as closely as possible.


Since music is a very abstract and subjective medium and we work primarily online, in case you’re not satisfied after the included revisions, you are entitled to ask for a refund. 50% of your original purchase will be refunded unless an outstanding number or hours have been also purchased to make the project possible. Refunded projects are not backed up.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Any out-of-line behaviour or inappropriate communication will result in the immediate termination of a contract and will be refunded.


All the work is made in good faith and with best intentions.