Is it worth mastering one song?


Yes. If you’re a new client, you might want to see if what I do suits you. Mastering one song is totally affordable and will reveal a few things:

  • The flaws of your mixing. Perhaps your low end isn’t mixed properly?
  • How an entire project will sound.
  • My mastering style.

On my site, there are a few explanations of what mastering is and why you should do it. I’m not just an engineer, I’m also an artist with years of experience and a successful label that has been running since 2004. I not only understand what to correct, but my years of experience as a DJ have taught me to adjust levels so that it sounds right for clubs, your home sound system, your car rides, or for the average person listening on his laptop speakers.

Some good things to know:

  • The more we work together, the more I know what you want.
  • I’m always keeping up to date with latest trends.
  • I work fast.

So, yes, give a track a chance. Or if you need a few, add them to the cart.
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Let’s make this happen.