What is this about?

Make your next project stellar. I’m a musician, audio producer/engineer and label owner. I know how hard it is to make music and be heard. Having help can be a game changer. So I’ve decided to offer someone help to finish an EP.

The offer:

If your EP is selected, I’ll work with you to make sure your 4 tracks are of the same caliber as what is being released these days. We’ll revise each song and do one-on-one coaching too so you can learn from the experience.

Criteria for selection:

  • This is open to anyone who has an EP that needs to be finished. I give priority to people who have a plan of release.
  • Your DAW has to be Ableton live.
  • You’ll need to be organized and be reactive. I’ve worked with people before that were very disorganized and it ruins the experience for both of us.


  • You have until March 1st to submit.
  • You may submit only one project of 3 or 4 songs.
  • You need to let me know the label you’re working with
  • Don’t contact me personally to try to increase your chances of being selected
  • How is the EP selected? Personal appreciation of the EP you propose, potential of the product, consideration of how much I can help, respect of the rules and overall seriousness of your work. Online promo with friends’ support gives you extra points 😉
  • I won’t be able to email everyone who submits so the winner will be announced on my page.
  • Thanks in advance for your interest!

The entries are done! thanks to everyone that participated!