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“We (The Automatic Message) have had many tracks / EPs mastered by Pheek (JP) over the last ten years and are always more than impressed by the final product. JP is a absolute pleasure to work with and we're always so happy to hear a label we're working with has...” Read more

- Trevor Jacobson

$19.00 CAD per track

Order 4 or more tracks and receive a 10% discount. Order 10 or more tracks and receive a 12% discount. Digital includes 2 revisions.

Project Name

Project Files

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For podcasts & mixes, please note that extra fees might be added if the audio needs to be repaired.



*Note – digital mastering includes 2 revisions; should you need more revisions for your track, you can purchase more later via our À la carte items.

Is it worth mastering one song?

Yes. If you’re a new client, you might want to see if what I do suits you. Mastering one song is totally affordable and will reveal a few things:

  • Flaws of your mixing. Perhaps your low end isn’t mixed properly?
  • How an entire project will sound.
  • My mastering style.

On my site, there are a few explanations of what mastering is and why you should do it. I’m not just an engineer, I’m also an artist with years of experience and a successful label that has been running since 2004. I not only understand what to correct, but my years of experience as a DJ have taught me to adjust levels so that it sounds right for clubs, your home sound system, your car rides, or for the average person listening on their laptop speakers.

Some things to know:

  • The more we work together, the more I know what you want.
  • I’m always keeping up to date with latest trends.
  • I work fast.

How mastering is useful?

  • To play in a club or share to resident DJs. They will get a track that fits the market’s standards and have a track that sounds great on a big sound system.
  • Submitting to a label as a demo. You sound pro and serious. First impressions are crucial.
  • I shape your sound style. You like how a certain artist sounds like, then I can rework your music in that direction. But for better results, consider a mixdown.

Your album is a story

The art of mastering an album begins with an understanding of the story behind it. It’s time-demanding, but it pays off in spades. If you spent a lot of time crafting what will become a milestone in your musical career, you need to take the time to entrust it to someone who will keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • That each song should have a different feeling.
  • That the volume of all songs should match, but with subtle differences.
  • That the track order will influence how each song is treated.

There are some albums that will begin with an ambient piece, then something more punchy, and usually have the third or fourth song as the main hit, which will call for more presence. These are the kinds of things I’ll keep in mind to make sure your album delivers a proper listening experience for anyone.

A well done mastering for your album will:

  • Give each track its own individuality.
  • Ensure better transitions.
  • Consider that people buy tracks individually, so as to make them still sound great.

How to prepare your track(s) to send:

  • 24 bits or higher, 44.1 kHz, Stereo.
  • -6 dB of headroom with no compression on the master.
  • Please zip your files to avoid corruption over the transfer.
  • Please provide a reference of what you want in the notes: either an artist, label, sound description or a song name.

What is Stem Mastering?

A hybrid from mixdown, Stem Mastering involves 3 or 4 channels, based on Native Instruments’ new Traktor features. It gives me a bit more control over your mix and better results. If you book this service, make sure all your stems are in 24 bits, 44.1 kHz and aren’t compressed.

In the Notes, please let me know if you need the stems back for your DJ acts.

Podcast Mastering

Please note that all podcast mastering is digital. Analog podcast mastering is not available.

87 reviews for Mastering

  1. Philip James de Vries – Temparc Music

    Pheek was extremely fast in finishing up two remixes for me and was very helpful when I requested a couple of changes. The final products came out great!

  2. Mono-Poly

    fast and efficient service, very easy to use website, excellent price and mastering impeccable!

  3. Justin

    Great sounding results and super quick turnaround time. Pheek was available to address any questions or concerns. I will definitely be using his help again!

  4. Dan Raiche

    Pheek’s the man!! Amazing mastering job! Very fast & professional! 5 star service!

  5. Guillem

    Clean, Fast and Superb work! I’ll definitely be hanging around Pheek’s services and feedback!

  6. Bruno (aka Cleymoore aka Max Binski)

    Pheek is one of a kind. Someone that can easily understand what a client needs and has, intrinsically, excellent skills as a mastering engineer while still keeping himself as a visionary musician and most importantly, a highly focused listener. My experience with Pheek over the years was not only easy and remarkable in flow, but also a work of incredibly spot-on communication and most importantly professional. All the mastering work and every mixing advice I’ve heard from him both on my own productions/remixes and own my record labels (Pluie/Noir, Klangstudie,) were full of wit and will. Pheek is someone that will understand your music and your desires easily, and will help you make your music shine like few people can.

  7. karim

    Excellent service !! Thanks again

  8. dinu

    A very nice guy and an amazing mastering done! We easily understand each other and the work was done very quickly. Will collab with Pheek in future for sure. All best!

  9. Nicolai

    Quick & painless process, did an amazing job! Very responsive. I hope you keep doing this, I will be a customer for a long time.

  10. Dominic

    Good communication, work really fast and professional. I recommand to anyone !

  11. Haydar Tellez

    The masters sound great! Quick and quality service.

  12. Kevin Lind

    Pheek’s mastering work never fails to surprise me in the best way. He does a great job at tapping into the potential of a song and framing everything in a clear and immensely artistic fashion.

  13. Florin

    thanks Pheek ! its was we are looking , quality !

  14. Muninn

    JP does the mastering for both my labels Norse Projekt & Sobriquet.
    Always delivers an exceptional quality.

  15. kuku

    Fast And kind. Always helpful. He paid attention to All our needs

  16. Jens Akkermans

    top class mastering for a more than reasonable price, miNIMMAl movement!!!

  17. Nicolae

    clean sound and prompt service. cheap and professional. I love it.

  18. stefan (0x7f) / CEO 31337records

    JP always delivers great results with unbeatable prices!
    We’ve been working with him for years now and never had any issues.
    He’s always super friendly and works usually very fast! You don’t have to wait weeks or months, sometimes its done within a day even. He also closely listens to the requirements of the artists to make sure it sounds as expected. If you are looking to get your digital releases mastered – look no further!

  19. Douglas Fugazi

    Pheek is one of the most talented producers in the market, their service is the best quality, fast, honest and amazing customer service. The service have a kick ass price. He nailed it! Definitely looking forward to working with you in the future.

  20. Le Gone

    The job has been done so fast. Pheek totally respected the mix I did and went further. The result is exactly what I had in mind, the mix is breathing, it’s deep, it’s clean.

    A huge thanks !

  21. Glauben Records

    Completely satisfied with the service and the result of our Analog Album Mastering .

    We are a small independent techno and tech house label that values every opportunity we have of working with experienced artists and audio engineers, so working with Pheek was a no brainer!

    A few highlights:

    -Clear instructions,
    -Rapid response.
    -Good customer service.
    -Great price.

    As far as the music goes…
    What can I say? It sounds great!

    He added life to our tracks by adding that desirable analog warmth while respecting the dynamics and energy of the original mixdown.

    We look forward to mastering our next release at Pheek mastering and audio services.

  22. Anna Roxenholt, Fixe Records

    Super swift communication & service. I’ll be back!

  23. Jaime Herke (verified owner)

    Excellent service and really quick turnaround. Very impressed and will be using Pheek for all my future mastering needs.

  24. Nick (verified owner)

    Excellent mastering service. I sent a track to be mastered and was so impressed with the results I immediately sent another track through to get the same treatment. As well as the sound, I was impressed by Pheek’s quick response to my questions, and his advice on improving my mix. I will definitely be coming back when I’ve got some more tracks finished.

  25. Mihajlo

    Amazing and really fast mastering service. I was surprised about Pheek’s honest approach, I got a great tips and I will use his services again.

  26. Giorgio (verified owner)

    Excellent service, fast turnaround and will be sending more music .

  27. Dorin (verified owner)

    Such a good job and such good service! 10 out of 10. Will definitley recommend. Thank you

  28. Ramon Macià (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Masters sound great! My tracks are much clearer, punchier, wider… Very fast delivery. Quick and easy communication. What else can you ask for? 🙂
    Thank you!

  29. Vincent J (verified owner)

    Pheek did a great job taking my mixdown and mastering it for the final project. He was prompt and easy to work with.. Price is very fair.

  30. Scott Dueck (verified owner)

    Great and timely work! I’d highly recommend this service, fantastic service for the price.

  31. Dsum

    Mastering is the final touch of your music and Pheek really know that!! I’m very impressed with sound in my tracks! It’s tight but with great dinamic! smooth highs!! Definitely an amazing job!!

  32. Phill (verified owner)

    Another analog master by Pheek who is my now go to sound engineer for my tracks .Good work and a quick turn around ,
    Phill Leggatt.

  33. 0x7f (verified owner)

    We at 31337records work with Pheek since around 7-8 years now for our digital mastering and were always happy with the results! JP is very friendly, helpful and works fast on time. He really makes sure that you are satisfied with the work he delivers. Communication has always been great as well. We can highly recommend Pheek to anyone looking for affordable mastering for their digital music. You probably won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

  34. TIki Fiki

    Pheek – is a God. If somebody would ask me for a great engineer, it’s about Pheek! I’ve got really outstanding mega super mixing and mastering in very short time, I believe in that guy!

  35. Droict (verified owner)

    I choose Pheek because of my subscription to his free coaching program, for his very insightful blog posts, the way he structures his training, and mostly because he answered to any email I sent him, even when he was touring!
    Even if the mixdowns I sent him for mastering were of poor quality, his art and dedication made every track shine, He worked hard and fast to make the best out of everything I sent him for mastering.
    What really impressed me, and I think Pheek excels at this, is the way he listens to what you want, perfectly understand the personality of each track and knows how to express it through his mastering.
    The price for all this is unbeatable, and I guarantee that the experience and the results of working with him are priceless.

  36. Eugen Attera (verified owner)

    I’ve got a finalized product ready for distribution and ready for the dancefloors.
    Great master quality, deep, warm, unusual feeling into the sound.
    I would recommend Pheek as a mastering engineer!

  37. Phoq

    Perfect mastering, and really quick ! Recommend to everyone !
    Thank you Pheek 😉

  38. Magillian – Musica Gourmet A&R (verified owner)

    Super mastering service. Just sent a Ep to be mastered and i was so impressed by Mastering quality that immediately sent another Ep.
    Top Quality service, the first release just went straight to traxsource Top 10 .

    Thank You Pheek

  39. christopher hutchinson (verified owner)

    Great service and quality master! Super good value for money and will definitely use Pheeks services again! Recommend!!

  40. Alexandre Navarro (verified owner)

    Pheek works with talent and fineness. Just excellent.

  41. Giovanni Oriani (verified owner)

    the pheek master is art, very professional and the work times are very fast. really good compliments.

  42. Alex Ridley

    Always does amazing, organic work! Perfection! Pheek works intuitively to bring out what your tracks are really trying to say.

  43. hushrecordzmanagement (verified owner)

    Once again a amazing mastering job, very professional and the work times are real fast.
    tracks soun amazing in Club. Recommend to everyone !

  44. Stefan Roncevic (verified owner)

    Very professional, kind and fast. Big respect for you mister Jean!

  45. Ksenia Kamikaza / Platz fur Tanz (verified owner)

    The mastering was made in very short time and all the artists loved the result. I really recommend to work with Pheek. Thanks so much! Hope for long collaboration.

  46. Simon Geismar (verified owner)

    I”m more than happy to collaborate with Pheek for the track mastering of my labels since a year now ! Fast contact and delivery while providing an amazing work that always fits the needs of the artist. Thank you JP !

  47. Steffan Todorovic (verified owner)

    Express service, excellent communication, exquisite work.

    JP makes you feel like so much more than a customer. Would recommend to anyone! BOSS

  48. oLivier lanDry-gagnon

    super quick and great work.
    jp was listening to our needs and was able to fix all the details of our demands really fast and well done.
    would recommend his services to anyone who need another pair of ear for their project.

  49. Jambutek Recordings

    JP pays attention to detail and never fails to deliver crisp and punchy masters with great dynamics.
    In addition to providing timely and reliable service at a very fair price; JP brings a lot to the table with his years of experience in the studio as both an artist and and engineer. Looking forward to continuing to work with him on our upcoming releases.

  50. Alberto Nuno Magalhaes – Musica Gourmet & Hush Recordz Co-Owner (verified owner)

    Great mastering quality and on very short time, I would recommend as one of the most professional mastering services we work !

  51. Andy Aftene

    By far the fastest delivery i’ve ever experienced and i am more than happy with what came out. I mean,,i thought i sent good tracks, but now i see they’re true potencial, and this just brought a whole new wave of confidence and optimism. Mastering isn’t the only thing i got from all of this, as i became a member of his Facebook group, the only actualy active group you’ll find online, in which people actually help themselves out, with trolls being non existent. I definitely recommend his services!

  52. Oscar (verified owner)

    A huge help! Fantastic top quality genuine service 😉

  53. Ezaqui (O. M. of Merger Music) (verified owner)

    I started to work with JP this year for analog mastering services to my releases and the experience is amazing, he works very well, very fast and with a lot of dedication. I recommend his job to everyone who wants to get good results

  54. Kirk Opheim (verified owner)

    Returning customer here! JP offered audio advice about my music that challenged me to get outside my comfort zone with a past project. Most recently, JP had the finished project back to me faster than expected and with results that brought details out of the music that I couldn’t hear before the mastering process took place. Highly professional, reliable audio services!

  55. Adrian (Audio State) (verified owner)

    I really want to say what a great job Pheek done with my track!!! It was super fast and this guy is literally one of the best in this business. I will definitely book his services again.

  56. aftermidnightsounds (verified owner)

    Fast, concise and professional. Pheek offers a high end product for a very competitive price. I think he has an edge over other industry professionals as he is an active releasing artist himself. He really offers more then other engineers do in the form of feedback and great communication. Would recommend to anybody.

  57. Craig

    JP has an intuitive sense of how things should sound, not to mention a lovely analogue mastering chain that brought my digital mixes to life. I look forward to working with him in the future!

  58. Austin (verified owner)

    Incredible help, fast, and impeccable sound quality. Highly recommended!

  59. Paula Peek (verified owner)

    Mastering service was great! Super communication and professional documentation with an invoice. I was surprised how fast the turn around was, and corrections were easy to make. Also, very affordable!

  60. Sasha (verified owner)

    Pheek is my go to Engineer! The sound quality is incredible. He is very professional, prompt and flexible. I definitely recommend him. I am always happy and excited to work with him.

  61. Aka Gogitadze (verified owner)

    Fast service and quality mastering. i’m very Happy! thanks again!

  62. ANDREi

    Such a great and unique experience working with Pheek! Besides the impeccable sound quality i found him very friendly and always determined to help. I’ll certainly come back here 🙂 Thank you Pheek once again!

  63. Vivi Ababi (verified owner)

    Working with Pheek is like working with someone you have known for ages. The man is helpful in every possible way. Probably the most important skill is communication. Pheek’s services don’t rely just on mixing, mastering or sound design, it goes beyond that and he is able to provide clear, transparent communication starting with the first email you receive. The mastering services are top and flexible which is exactly what they should be in this field.
    Looking forward to working with you on my next project.

  64. Antoine Esteve

    Je recommande vivement de travailler avec Pheek. Travail très efficace autant dans la rapidité que le qualité du service !

  65. Liam (verified owner)

    Working with Pheek was a great experience!
    Professional and personal to get the exact results as a client.
    Will continue to work with him again and again!

  66. Dumitru Radu Cosmin (verified owner)

    Really fulfilling result! It brought the shine that this EP needed. Thank you!

  67. Jesse Somfay

    JP offers an exceptional mastering service and is a truly wonderful person to work with in general. His philosophy goes deep, and you will be sure to learn something new with every encounter.

    He has worked on a significant portion of my discography over the years, delivering excellent, appropriate results each time. JP is highly fluent in a wide array of music; you can expect timely service and professional results with perfect clarity and warmth suited elegantly to your work.

    It is always a pleasure, sensei!

  68. Tom @ We Are FTR (verified owner)

    Has been a pleasure to work with JP. Super professional, communicative, insightful and efficient. We were really happy with the results and looking forward to the next time we shall work together! Highly recommend 🙂

  69. Spirits (verified owner)

    I recently asked JP to master some music, he did it really fast and got the sound that I was looking for.
    The price was good too. I highly recommend it!

  70. Daniel Lippard (verified owner)

    A true pro, working to exceptional standards in a genre outside of speciality. Anyone making rock music can rest assured that their tones are in safe hands with Pheek.

    While the digital mastering for my EPs was great, the analog mastering on my full-length album is simply astonishing. I wanted this piece to make an instant impression on listeners, and I am confident that this will happen once it’s unleashed. It’s almost unavoidable.

    Highly recommended.

  71. Alex Mackellar (verified owner)

    Always receive my mastered music back very quickly and sounding great, have never needed a revision!

  72. Tondal (verified owner)

    The master came out faster than i expected.
    very good communication and understood the spirit of the project.
    i HIGHLY recommend.

  73. Trevor Jacobson

    We (The Automatic Message) have had many tracks / EPs mastered by Pheek (JP) over the last ten years and are always more than impressed by the final product. JP is a absolute pleasure to work with and we’re always so happy to hear a label we’re working with has decided to have JP on mastering duties.

  74. Ali Khan (verified owner)

    Pheek did a lovely of uplifting my ambient release, All Colours with digital mastering services. The tracks are more forward, present and controlled, yet he managed to keep it airy and open sounding. We talked about it and he took the time to understand what the project could be. His suggestions were all top notch and executed flawlessly. JP has an amazing ear for sound. I highly recommend his work.

  75. Keshav Nelavai (verified owner)

    Working with Pheek was a wonderful experience! He was very professional, quick, and easy to communicate with. He understood what I wanted and brought that to fruition. I look forward to working with him again!

  76. Tom McKeon (verified owner)

    Really excellent job! The analog warmth and balance he provided to my tracks were special. Highly recommended!

  77. kwamina roberts (verified owner)

    Excellent job done.
    Good, reliable, fast and just the way we want it.
    We luv it!

  78. Kev Zepo (verified owner)

    Always a great and unique experience working with Pheek. Besides the impeccable sound quality in a short time, He’s always determined to help. We’ll keep working with him 🙂

  79. laurent darveau (verified owner)

    Excellent work!! Quick, and high quality. Very affordable. I highly recommend!

  80. Adrian Constantinescu (verified owner)

    Excellent service! I’m so happy with my master! It’s sounding competitive with what’s out there! Such a great feeling to hear your own music at such sonic quality! Fast turn around as well. Highly recommended!

  81. Ian Threadgold (verified owner)

    Great service. Pheek is helpful, friendly and patient and has the secret sauce to make your tracks sound as good as they can be!

  82. Adrian Apetrii (verified owner)

    Super fast and clean master, the best investment

  83. Valeria Eroshenkova (verified owner)

    I ordered mastering from Audioservices several times. Each time the result is great, exactly what I expect. Pheek is very helpful and supportive professional.

  84. Ghita Liviu

    Excellent service !! Thanks Pheek

  85. Adrian Apetrii (verified owner)

    High quality and super fast! Excellent work!

  86. Victor Garibaldi (verified owner)

    We need to start calling Pheek ‘The Mastering Hero’.

  87. Tumbian (verified owner)

    Super quick, great attention to detail and easy booking system, that’s why I’m a repeat customer!

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