Profesional studio equipment for sound mixing .What is a mixdown?

Once your track is ready, you need to make sure that all levels are set properly and the sounds are EQed so that everything blends together. You know your mixdown is ready for mastering once you can hear every sounds and that you don’t have to fight between a few of them to make them heard properly. Mixing is an art, just like production and it requires the right tool as well as experience.


Why working with someone else to do your mixes?

Mainly because you want to keep the creative flow and rely on someone with experience to handle the rest. Also, you might not have the budget to constantly buy the best plugins or gear to get the work done. Finally, having another set of ears to see what’s going on with your track can give a complete new outlook you didn’t think of.


Home recording studio with professional monitors and midi keyboard.

Should I send you stems or the Ableton project?

Both will work and it’s up to you. If you’re using a lot of VST’s, I recommend you bounce the channel as a stem. The great thing about sending me your whole project is giving the option to correct minor details that can make a huge difference. Plus, I always give tips and feedback on the production, in a more detailed way.


Ready to order?

To order the mixdown of a track, come check the options here.

Should you be interested in having multiple mixdowns made and want to buy them as a bulk, send me an email so we can plan your project appropriately.