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“Exceptional results ! Really good communication with Pheek, that's why I will definitely come back for future projects. Thank you...” Read more

- Nicolas

$80.00 CAD per track

Order 3 or more tracks and receive a 10% discount. Order 6 or more tracks and receive a 15% discount.

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Analog Mixdowns

Looking for analog mixing? Order an analog mixdown instead.



*Note – should you need more revisions for your track, you can purchase more later via our À la carte items.

The Importance Of A Professional Mixdown

Read all about my view on mixdowns in this insightful article!

Why go analog?

The difference between analog and digital is hard to explain, and there are many debates about the subject online. What I can tell you is that I use a Zahl AM1 Console and multiple mahines to do the external treatment for the analog mixdown. This usually adds a certain warmth to the overall sound, and it helps to address thin or harsh sounds.

The Gear I use: I use Cranesong gear, as well as an SSL compressor, TubeTech Multiband and Gyratek IV (EQ) to give your music that analog sound. I also use an old board to add warmth, and I have access to Manley Vari-Mu.

This Package includes:

  • Analog mixdown of your stems in a track, ready for mastering.
  • Or a mixdown using your Ableton project (Live 9.0/10.0)
  • Up to 4 revisions of the song.
  • Free consultation and discussion on demand to clarify the workflow.

29 reviews for Mixdown

  1. Olivier Palazzoli

    top service, good communication !

  2. Isaac

    Friendly service and exceptional results! Gets things done really quickly too, I will definitely be returning here for future projects

  3. John

    Amazing results. My go -to for all mixedowns. really creative process, and even when I messed up the stems, did extra work despite the fault being my own. Customer service and amazing results. Everything I could want in a service 🙂

  4. artphorm

    its a real pleasure working with Pheek! very punctual, professional, patient, and crafty! great communication and won’t stop until you get the sound you are looking for. i’m definitely coming back with future projects! merci JP

  5. Olivier

    Quality as always / Great communication !!!

  6. Nicolas

    Exceptional results ! Really good communication with Pheek, that’s why I will definitely come back for future projects. Thank you

  7. Florian

    really enjoyed the work with you . fast and great result . also really good in solving problems .

  8. David

    The other day I was having a problem with a tune of mine, I could not get it to sound right. Who do I know that could sort it out ? Well, I had been having some free coaching from Pheek, https://audioservices.studio, and getting some really creative tips from him. It can also help to check out his blog if you’re having trouble with inspiration. It worked for me but that’s another story.

    I thought my problem tune needed help, so I sent it to Pheek for digital mastering. It’s really good value and you get a couple of free revisions if it’s not quite the way you think it should sound. I went one step further than that and asked if he could do a mix down as well. That did the trick, I got my track back the next day (you can stipulate a time period for getting your music back if your in a hurry), and it was in really good shape, just what I expected really !

  9. miSin

    would highly recommend JP’s mix and master service. JP added a lot of professionalism and polish to my track that I didn’t think was possible. JP was very patient, and he didn’t cut any corners. I learned a lot, and I appreciate all of his effort, coaching and enthusiasm. Thanks!

  10. Anonymous

  11. Thomas (verified owner)

    super cool service 🙂 Pheek will listen to your demand, and will polish your track to make it perfect !

    Thanks J-P

  12. Patrick Haggart

    Do you make electronic music? Do you want your music to sound better than it’s ever sounded before? You’re in luck because this guy is the real deal! Adding clarity, punch and presence is no big challenge for Pheek. He’s patient with your demands, and also doesn’t hesitate to tell you the truth about the good, the bad and the ugly. Oh you need your music to sound good on a club sound system? I’ve never heard my tracks translate so well in a club before going to Pheek. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring your music to the next level, get your tracks mixed and/or mastered by Pheek!

  13. victor (verified owner)

    It was a real pleasure to work with Pheek for the first time, and I’m definitely going to work with him from now on. High standard of service, flexibility and good communication. Impressive in terms of quality and last but not least, he gets the things done very quickly. TOP SERVICE

  14. Karl (verified owner)

    Currently working with Pheek and it’s a great pleasure to be able to work with a professional who understands your sound and your needs. It motivates you to work more and harder

  15. Martin Goodwin

    I strongly recommend working with Pheek to get your production to the next level if you feel lost in your capacity to bring your sound right where it needs to be.

    Pheek is really patient, understands your input and will always do what is needed.

    As a long time musician, he will always know what you’re going through and this is a valuable quality for the electronic music genre and beyond.

  16. david

    terrific electronic dance music coach.

  17. Christoph (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the mixdown! With JP I had a good feeling throughout the whole communication, he has a lot of experience and gives valuable tips, which have helped me a lot!

  18. Marc André Béland (verified owner)

    Working with JP was so smooth. So far we worked together on 2 projects and he did manage to take a file that was all over the place and made sense of it! Never ever again will I loose precious time to try and do my own mix down when I can work with a professional like JP that really has the quality of the end results at heart.

    Will work again with him 100% Don’t hesitate, it’s the best decision you’ll make today!

  19. Evghenii Cernih

    I will recommend Pheek for mixing or mastering to all producers.
    Pheek is a great human also, so communicating with him during a process is a pleasure!
    Very fast delivery of greatest quality makes his services a signature thing in the industry!

  20. Gab Rhome (verified owner)

    I’ve received my song back from Pheek a few days ago after ordering the analog mixdown. Wow!! It really came to life – there’s space for the elements to breathe and yet everything sound wide and big. Looking forward to the upcoming projects.

  21. Jack Dixon (verified owner)

    Pheek is amazing to work with. I was recently struggling with the mix down of a track and decided to send it over to Pheek instead. The results were brilliant and his feedback is a big confidence boost. The mix was warm, well balanced and professional. He’s a great communicator and was happy to oblige any adjustments I wanted to do to the mix. From now on I’ll be using his serves for my future tracks, Thank you and I look forward to working with you again!!!

  22. Igor De Meyer (verified owner)

    I chose the mixdown + master option and I gotta say I’m really impressed. The final master turned out exactly how I imagined it to be.
    The initial purpose of working with Pheek was to learn from him, and I sure did.
    He really understood where I was heading to with my references and brought the tune to its maximum potential.

    If I’ll ever get stuck with mixing or mastering a tune again, he will surely be the first I’ll get in touch with!

  23. Mutu robert

    I chose to do the mixdown with Pheek for my last ep .Although i have a different musical style than his own,we had no problem with that.
    So…Very receptive to what I wanted.Communication between us, was extraordinary.The songs went out as i imagined.
    In the near future definitely i will go back to his services.

  24. debudodley (verified owner)

    Pheek has done mixdowns for half a dozen of my tracks as of this writing. Properly balanced and EQ’d mixdowns have been a roadblock in taking my tracks to the next level. JP makes the process easy, with multiple opportunities for revision, honest and concise feedback, and attention to detail. Each track stays true to my original idea and comes out sounding full and rich. Will definitely be continuing to work with Pheek!

  25. brandonjoyce (verified owner)

    This guy is a lifesaver and a legend, very friendly and easy going providing a A*++ professional quality of work always. 5* experience every time, if your looking for a guy to do your mixdown and mastering this is your guy, always goes above and beyond

  26. Brian A (verified owner)

    Pheek was very helpful and dedicated in doing a mixdown & mastering on three of my songs. I think this is an incredible value considering he will fine-tune your songs to your liking and make sure they are 100% ready for mastering. For me it’s difficult to know what a song may need after listening to it so many times. Pheek was able to hear what was missing and what needed to be toned down / turned up, and it really made a big difference in the end.

  27. Victor Garibaldi (verified owner)

    Pheek is a swiss army knife in terms of audio. First of all, he is very patient. Second, his service is really fast. This means that he knows what he is doing. Third, he wants you to grow as a producer (musician). Everyone should take advantage of all the amazing information he has documented on his blog. The articles are amazing and will make you a better artist. Seriously, do not sleep on this guy. Pheek knows his craft inside and out. I wish I met Pheek before.

  28. Matt DuBois (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my entire interaction with pheek. His service is very professional, and fast. I would definitely recommend his mixdown services if you have any projects you think need a second ear. I will be using his service again for sure! Thanks!

  29. Victor Garibaldi (verified owner)

    Once again Pheek did it again! He is simply the best! As I said before…he is the swiss army knife of audio mixing!

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