You don't have to be alone to tackle projects.

You don’t have to be alone to tackle projects.

What does song Finalizing mean?

The idea came to me as I often have tracks I don’t know what to do with any more but I like something out of it. What I do is, I’ll share it with a friend I trust and see what will happen. While others do that with me and I love doing it, people are always excited by the outcome. Why? Mainly because what was abandoned has been giving a second chance and now there’s new possibilities! Imagining that I have a sleeping EP for this label who wants to work with me that can be finally done, is not only a relief but also thrilling.


ghostwrittingIs it ghostwriting?

No. I have rules. I won’t write new melodies for instance and nor will completely discard the original idea. The concept is really to give a sense to what’s there. 90% of the time, people lack ideas on how to elaborate their track and struggle with the structure. It’s also common that if you have heard the song over 20h total, you are lacking judgement on its real potential.

How much of a track do I need to be able to send it to you?

You need to have at least all sounds to make a song and a bit of a backbone structure. Otherwise, if I do everything from scratch, it sort of becomes ghostwriting. I have nothing against that, but it’s not what I do. I take what you have, will do a quality mixdown, structure things to meet your needs and perhaps propose a few tricks to pimp things up.


Crazy for the music!Ready to order?

Get your track finished by ordering now. If you’re interested in a EP finalization or an album, please contact me for a bulk pricing.