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How To Compose With Consistency

I’ve always been interested in the restaurant industry and…

Common Beliefs and Misconceptions about Music Production

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Definition Of Done In Music Production

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Are Albums Still Relevant?

Are albums still relevant? Ok, that’s kind of a loaded question,…

Thoughts On “Average” Ideas

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How To Use Hooks To Finish Songs

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The Problem With “Good” Music

Here’s the problem with good music - it’s subjective. One…

Murakami’s Writing Lessons Applied To Music

Recently I read this article about one of my favorite authors,…

How To Prepare To Make Music

When I was 10 I was invited to be part of the track and field…

Service Update: Track Finalization Is Now Exclusive

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Is It Best To Produce One Style, Or Many?

Why do people keep producing the same kind of track when there…

Mid Side Processing Explained

Often when I listen to tracks in my coaching group, I notice…
An image of me pleading with you to have good communication skills in the music industry.

Essential Communication Skills In The Music Industry

This is no secret, but artists, in general, have questionable…
A photo of Riffer. This is one of the best generative sequencers for melodies.

The Best Generative Sequencers + Tips And Tricks

One thing that distinguishes electronic music from other genres…
A photo of someone stressed out, which can happen if you love your track too much.

Do You Love Your Track? Or Are You Just Overly Committed?

The creative process involves a lot of fantasizing. You fantasize…
A photo of two people looking at a readout of an equalizer. In this article we discuss my favorite equalizers for electronic music.

Favorite Equalizer For Electronic Music

People often ask me what my favorite equalizer for electronic…
here is a photo of what it will look like after you take the proper steps to becoming a touring DJ

Becoming A Touring DJ Post-Pandemic

After being locked away for over a year, many artists are left…
A photo of Mr Meesky in between headphones, listening to music. He knows how to have fun making music.

How To Have Fun Making Music

Sometimes making music can be a chore. To people on the outside…

The Paradox Of Releasing Original Music

Releasing original music can be hard if the artist is truly original.…
A photo of an ableton-hardware hybrid setup.

Ableton-Hardware Hybrid Setup

Producers often get comfortable in the computer and feel they…