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Tips to add movement and life to your songs

One of the most popular topics in music production is with regards to making music feel "alive" by creating movement in music. While I already covered this topic in a past article, I'll focus today on tools you can use and some techniques you can also apply to create movement. First, let's...

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Important Music Production Principles

As a label manager or as a teacher who regularly gives feedback (join our facebook group if you're interested to participate!), I've realized I don't listen to music like the average person; I listen for certain music production principles. There are a number of things that will get my attention...

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Adding life to sounds: movement in electronic music

Creating movement in electronic music One of the most misunderstood concepts in electronic music is movement. By movement, I am referring to the way that each sound constantly evolves throughout a song. I was once talking with someone who is very into modular synthesizers and he was saying that he cannot...

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