Pheek doing some electronic music coaching

Electronic Music Coaching Lessons

There is this attitude in electronic music that if you share…
someone performing a mix in headphones

How To Mix In Headphones

Not everyone has access to a treated studio, with perfectly placed…
vcv rack ideas

VCV Rack Ideas And Meditations

If you’re not familiar with VCV Rack you should be. While modular…
photo of how to release music during a pandemic

How To Release Music During A Pandemic

A question that I commonly get during my mentorship sessions…
A photo of a minimal house texture pack

Minimal House Ableton Template

Recently, we released our Organic Inducer minimal house Ableton…
an image of a iphone producing music with minimal gear

Producing Music With Minimal Gear

In this pandemic, it’s especially easy to get apathetic, and…
how to make an EP in a DAW photo

How To Make An EP

In my coaching group, someone asked: So, how do you make an…

How To Communicate With Audio Engineer

One thing that I love doing is to work with unestablished artists.…
A picture of people on phones for social media for tech house producers

Social Dilemma Of Social Media For Minimal House Producers

If you’re like me, when you watched the new Netflix documentary,…
record label looking for talent

Find A Record Label Looking For Talent

So, you're looking for a record label looking for talent? We've…

How can you start a song while stressed out?

Disclaimer: this post is based on reflections resulting from…

Purpose, Passion, and Your Natural Gift

Maybe you've been using music as a way to get through the pandemic—you…