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Strategic Guide To Releases Planning And Production

In this first post of the year, I try to share my own perspective on music release planning for both labels and musicians. It will be looking into how a busy agenda can do wonders. Music release planning is a game-changer I'd say most of the musicians I know will produce music...

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How Will A Music Label Find Me?

This blog post will focus on one of the anxieties that every new music producer gets in this turbulent and busy world, which is: how to reach a music label aside from sending in demos. Can your music make it to the ears of a label owner? Following one of my most popular posts on how to...

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Use Mastered Tracks To Submit A Great Demo

This post will cover some essentials on how to submit a music demo to a label you want to join. How to send a demo to your favourite record label If you're a music producer and have been making a few tracks, perhaps you thought it would be a great idea now to submit a music...

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Music Production Tips: How To Start A Track

This post shares some proven tips for electronic music producers on how to start a track. I've also made what will be the first in a series of YouTube videos on production, where I guide you through the process of getting your song started. How to start a track in electronic music. So, let's face it. You've...

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How To Define Your Label’s Identity With Your Sound Engineer

In this article, I discuss the impact that music mastering can have for a label, and how a good sound engineer can help. What is label mastering and how you can benefit from it The term "label mastering" might sound new to you, but it’s something that can make one crew stand out from...

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Need Help To Finalize Your Unfinished Songs?

In this post, I will discuss the advantages of having someone else take a look at your unfinished tracks. Time to finish those sleeping projects Have you ever watched those renovation shows where an expert takes over a messy apartment and gives it a complete makeover? I know that for myself and most people I...

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A Great Sound Engineer Will Give Your Song Its True Sound

In this blog post, I will explain how important it is, for the sake of your music as well as for the mastering process, to have a good mixdown. I also want to make the point that working with a trusted sound engineer who knows how to master can be...

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Welcome to my new site!

I can’t believe I haven’t made a new website in years! I definitely waited too long. Should I apologize? Being Canadian, I guess I should. But seriously: this is it. Pheek's Mixdown and Mastering will be both a blog and a business outlet for my audio services geared towards electronic music...

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