Bare & Kind has tenaciously and resolutely begun; their debut production “Angoor” is a dive right into the middle of unique and strongly cultivated sound composition.The album is a complete story of intricate minimalist tunes with meaningful organic sounds that provide feelings from the excited to the eerie, each song a distinct, but connected anecdote. It runs like a soundtrack with a rich plot line.

You can feel that these artists love sound, and both of their languages combine and come alive here. From their home origins of Italy and India to Germany. Bells, tabla rhythms, voices and breath, minimalist edgy transmissions, warbling pianos with beats that are sophisticated and coarse alike; every single song is animate.

‘Family hall’ weaves in so many sounds without sounding overdone (they are good at this). Nebulous beeps, spacing echoes, spiraling beats, and a voice that sounds like a spiritual call.

The songs ‘Wherein’ and ‘Premiere’ are supernatural. Two waving, purring, minimal sketches, with breath, voice, an amorphous and visceral atmosphere like a heat wave would create.

‘Peperoncino rosso’ (red pepper in Italian) is an intense melodic instrumental, with sketchy beats and piano notes that poke holes through a dusted atmosphere.

Like an abstract painting, this production can be visited over and over, each time feeling something different. It’s exciting to see how these artists will grow if this is their start.